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Simply stated, all worship ministries at Trinity exist "to glorify God and encourage others to do the same." God is glorified (exalted, lifted up, praised, celebrated) when His children worship Him in spirit and in truth,"for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks." (John 4:23) As gifted and called servants of Jesus, we offer our songs, our dances, and other forms of worship to express our thankfulness for what He has done and continues to do in our lives. We strive for Christian excellence without apology, offering to God our very best -- all the time, every time.

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The Facilities Team and Governance Board have authorized upgrades to two major systems in the sanctuary, to be installed during a two week period in January.  Those upgrades include replacement of the analog audio soundboard with digital technology, replacing mics and wiring, and installation of new video projectors and screens, which will be retractable and placed in the upper corners of the platform area, above and behind the piano and organ locations.  This will significantly improve visibility in all seats, and will allow for removal of the existing screen.  These improvements will enhance worship by improving intelligibility, clarity, and balance of all audio and visual ministries, and will set up Trinity for high quality recording, streaming and broadcasting going forward.  This $60K project is being funded partially by this year's budget, and by Facilities dedicated funds.  Feel free to see the following for more information:  Dennis Platt, church chairman, Eric Guatafson, Facilities chair, or Steve Nielsen, Minister of Worship Arts.